Draw and Manage your Pixel Art Sprites in One Place

Use Outsprite as your art pipeline and handle all your game assets directly from your browser into your game engine.

What is Outsprite?

Discover how Outsprite simplifies your creative process by offering a comprehensive solution for creating, organizing, and storing pixel art and game assets, making it an essential sprite and pixel art creator.

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Features and Roadmap

Outsprite is still in its early stage of development and new features are continually being added. Below are the main features currently available, along with some exciting ones that are planned for the near future.

  • Workspace Management

    • Import sprites from your computer.
    • Export sprites as different targets in various formats.
    • Store your workspace locally in your browser. New
    • Work offline in your browser. Soon
    • Sync your workspace to the Outsprite Cloud. Soon
  • Integrations

    • Pull game assets directly into your CI. Soon
    • Publish directly to itch.io. Soon
    • Export your assets with community-made custom plugins. Soon
  • Drawing Tools

    • Draw with standard features such as the brush, erase, or bucket tools.
    • Color your sprites using a predefined palette.
    • Organize your sprites in multiple layers. Soon
    • Draw with different shades defined by a color palette. Soon
    • Generate normal maps of your sprites. Soon
  • Animation

    • Live animation preview. Soon
    • Animate multiple poses and directions of your sprites. Soon

What's New?

Stay updated with the latest improvements and additions made to the platform. Check out the recent updates below!

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